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I draw digital thangkas following my vision: “To offer the global community thangka images, firmly rooted in Tibetan painting traditions but with the perfection of the digital age.”. 
A year ago I decided to dedicate my entire life solely to my art, so I quit my job, sold my house and gave away most of my possessions. With as little attachments as possible, I chose a nomadic life style, painting and teaching my art wherever I am welcome. 

I have decided to offer all my digital work for free, trying to live from donations. 

I have set up a donation page on, where you can pledge for a monthly donation, starting from only $ 1.

Your monthly donation through Patreon will provide me with a sustainable income to realize my vision, develop my art and teach digital thangka painting to others. Not only will you create a tremendous amount of good karma for yourself, but your financial support will also help me offer my thangka images to others for free. 

Help set my thangkas free

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So, for starters

These five high-resolution images are now free to download by using the links under the title of the images.

About the images and their use

My images are drawn on an A1-size in high resolution (300dpi); the format of the image is .jpg. You can download a thangka image of your liking and use it freely: print it, use it on your website, you can even sell prints from it (donations and a reference to me are welcome in this case).

There are only two conditions. First, these are Buddhist images, treat them with respect please.
Second is a restriction on their use: do not change an image in any way, such as adding other imagery or text, crop them (meaning you cannot cut off parts of it) or change it colours.
If you need another version of an image, please contact me so we can work out the details.

Eight Medicine Buddhas field with Tibetan medicinal herbs

Eight Medicine Buddhas with Tibetan medicinal herbs (177 downloads) (20,8 MB)

Eight Medicine Buddhas with Tibetan medicinal herbs

The Seven Medicine Buddhas with Buddha Shakyamuni as the eighth.

The Buddhas from top to bottom, left to right:

  • Buddha Shakyamuni
  • Glorious King of Excellent Signs
  • King of Melodious Sound
  • Stainless Excellent Gold
  • Supreme Glory Free from Sorrow
  • Melodious Ocean of Proclaimed Dharma
  • King of Clear Knowing

In the middle the Medicine Buddha  (Sangye Menla in Tibetan) is depicted.

At the bottom there are six herbs used in Tibetan medicine, from left to right: cardamon, wolfberry, nutmeg, namgyal arura, medicinal ginger and eaglewood.

White Tara

White Tara (135 downloads)  (11,7 MB)

White Tara, the female bodhisattva of compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra.

Eight Auspicious Symbols

Eight Auspicious Symbols (136 downloads)  (3,5 MB)

The Eight Auspicious Symbols embody various Buddhist aspects:
Parasol – protects from all suffering caused by destructive emotions, illness, harm and other obstacles
Golden Fish – fearlessness, freedom and liberation, fertility and abundance
Treasure Vase – inexhaustible source of longevity, and fulfillment of all spiritual and material wishes
Lotus Blossom – symbolizes purity of mind and heart, transformation, compassion and all other perfect qualities
Conch Shell – symbolizes the far-reaching melodious sound of the spiritual teachings
Endless Knot – the symbol of interdependence, of how everything in the universe is interconnected
Victory Banner – symbol of victory over all disagreement, disharmony or obstacles, and the attainment of both temporary and ultimate happiness  Dharma Wheel – symbolizing the teachings of Buddha .

Namgyalma - three longevity deities

Namgyalma - three longevity deities (158 downloads)  (15,8 MB)

Namgyalma (Ushnisha Vijaya) is one of the three longevity deities, that are combined in this image; Amitayus sits to her right and White Tara to her left.
I have made two other images of these with each having a different centre figure: one with Amitayus in the middle and one with White Tara.

Lama Tsongkhapa with disciples

Lama Tsongkhapa (110 downloads)  (17, 6 MB)

Lama Tsongkhapa with disciples

Lama Tsongkhapa, author of the Lamrim Chenmo, with his two disciples Gyaltsab Je (the older) and Khedrub Je (the younger).

Help set my thangkas free

Support Digital Thangka on Patreon!

The next step

I have set reaching 324 patrons as my first goal. After that, I will set another five images free.

After I have achieved my goal of a sustainable income, I will give the global community access to all my current and future digital images.

Excluded images

Three types of images will not be included.
Firstly, some customers commission specific thangkas and want them to be kept personal.
Secondly, some of the images for my indiegogo campaign Painting the Mandala of the Medicine Buddha will only be made available for my backers.
Last but not least, a lot of tantric images are only ment for certain Buddhist practitioners; you can only acquire these images on request, so feel free to contact me to discuss your needs (and credentials). Don't worry though, this still leaves a massive amount of free thangka images.