Traditional Thangkas in the Digital Age

Help me keep drawing!

My current computer is reaching the end of its life. Before it eventually breaks down, I would like to buy a new one.
Since all my thangkas are large and highly detailed, I need a pretty strong PC. As an example: the Mandala of the Medicine Buddha that I am currently working on, would greatly profit from such a new system.

Donate into my fundraiser, so I can keep drawing and offer my thangkas to the global community!

The 31st of October is my birthday; this would be a great gift!

The mission of Digital Thangka is to offer the global community thangka images, firmly rooted in Tibetan painting traditions and Buddhist teachings, but drawn with the perfection of the Digital Age.

Fred van der Zee

I have been drawing digital thangkas since 2008. As a former graphic designer, I already was familiar with using computers in art. Using them for drawing traditional thangkas started when I met my drawing teacher Andy Weber, who has been drawing thangkas and teaching this ancient art form for over 30 years.
Using traditional grids and drawing processes, I have set out on a journey to discover the challenges and possibilities of weaving Tibetan tradition with modern technology.

For an overview of my digital thangkas have a look at my work.
If you like to follow the drawing process, you can visit my workshop on Facebook.

Digital Thangka / Fred van der Zee

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