Tantric Downloads

Welcome to my page with Buddhist tantric images. Before you download an image, please read the following paragraph carefully.

Use of Tantric Images

All of the images on this page are part of the Vajrayana tantric path. This means that they can only be fully understood after the correct initiation, explanation and study of the underlying texts. Wrong understanding will lead to wrong views, that can be harmful not only to you but also to others.

In order to protect you from doing harm,  I am asking you to download and view these images only after you have received the initiation and explanation from a qualified Lama and when you are doing the deity’s practice on a regular basis.
Also, please keep this images to yourself, don’t show them to others or share them.
I leave it to your discretion and responsibility.

Why Is There No Description?

… or no full images shown on this page?

The deities are described in the  sadhanas that are part of a tantric practice. Since you are reading this, I assume the correct sadhana is handed to you by a qualified Lama… no need for me to add anything to that.
I only show a small part of the image to avoid that people that are not initiated, can see the deity in full. 

Just to avoid creating wrong views and do harm to others.

Chittamani Tara

Chittamani Tara Tushita (2416 downloads ) (48,7 MB)

Chittamani Tara Solo (2045 downloads ) (12,5 MB)


There are two versions of Vajrayogini. The first one is based on an older description of my teacher Andy Weber, the second one is more recent. Both are useable in visualization meditation.

Version 1: Vajrayogini (older version) (2483 downloads ) (18,6 MB)
Version 2: Vajrayogini (recent version) (2883 downloads ) (18,6 MB)​

Vajrayogini Mantra Garland (2232 downloads ) (6,3 MB)