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Get Involved in Digital Thangka painting

I have always regarded my thangkas
bigger than myself

I am not an artist, I am an artisan: I create dharma products for use in Buddhist teachings and practices. This deeply-felt conviction is the source of my mission:
“to offer the global community thangka images, firmly rooted in Tibetan painting traditions but with the perfection of the digital age.”

In 2017 I took a big leap of faith: I quit my job, sold my house and possessions, to become a fulltime thangka painter. I had some unemployment benefit and hoped I could muster enough sales and donations to live from.
In the beginning of 2018 I took a next step:

offering my digital thangkas for free, and try to live solely from donations. In this way everyone could enjoy and use my images, regardless of country, wealth or social status.
March 2018 I started a campaign on patreon and offered five of my thangkas free to download. At the beginning all went quite well, but after that the rise of my number of patrons slowed down. My monthly recurring support is – at the time of writing – $179.

Logo Hand inlineShort interlude for my current patrons and donors: thank you very much for your support! Our combined effort makes it possible to support the dharma through my thangkas.

So, last year my income consisted mostly from unemployment benefit, supplemented by my patrons’ support and an occasional donation.

From February 1st 2019 however, my benefit will stop!

So it is time for a new approach and I urgently need more of you to get involved in Digital Thangka painting!
I have done some calculations and for a bare minimum of living, I need 364 patrons more based on a monthly pledge of $1 (or 182 with $2 etc., you catch my drift).

There is one important detail: I only need this for a limited timefrom February 1, 2019 to November 1, 2020. So for a mere $ 21 in total, you will participate in the creation of beautiful thangkas, for all to enjoy and to use in Buddhist practice!

But wait, there’s more…

Starting last week of September 2018, I will release more of my digital thangkas as a free download. Every first day of the next month I will add more, until at the January 1st, 2019 all my thangkas will be available for free!
For me this is another big leap of faith, but I trust there will be 364 patrons out there somewhere.

So get involved in digital thangka painting and support me on patreon!

If you like to give a one-time donation, you can follow this link to paypal.
For other ways to support me please contact me.


Free downloads:  https://www.digitalthangka.com/my-digital-thangas/

My Facebook workshop, where you can follow the creation of my thangkas: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalThangkaArtistPage/
My Facebook gallery with my finished thangkas and some pictures of clients: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalThangkaGallery/

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